This Week


Deuteronomy 1: 1 - 4: 49

02 Jul 2016


Deuteronomy 1:1-4:43

Key verse: 4:1


I. Israel Rebelled Against God (chapter1)

  1. When and where did Moses speak these words to all Israel? (1-5) What was the land God commanded Israel to take possession of? (6-8) What were the qualifications of the Israelite leaders, and how must they judge? (9-18)
  2. What did Moses command the Israelites? (19-21) After listening to the spies’ report, why were the people unwilling to go up and take possession of the land? (22-28) How did Moses help them remember God? (29-33)
  3. How did God punish unbelieving Israel? (34-37) To whom did God say he would give the land as an inheritance? (38, 39) What happened when they marched up into the hill country, despite God’s warning? (40-46)

II. Israel Obeyed God’s Commands (chapters 2&3)

  1. How did God discipline disobedient Israel, and what direction did he give them? (2:1-3) Why did he tell them not to provoke the descendants of Esau and the Moabites? (4-12) Why did the entire generation of fighting men perish in the wilderness? (13-15)
  2. What did God command Moses concerning the Ammonites and the king of Heshbon? (16-37) How was Israel able to destroy the fortified cities of Bashan? (3:1-11)
  3. How did Moses distribute the conquered land east of the Jordan? (12-20) What was Moses’ plea and what was God’s answer? (21-29)

III. So That You May Live (chapter 4)

  1. What attitude should Israel have towards God’s command and decrees? (1a, 2, 5, 6a) What blessings did God promise if they obeyed? (1b, 3-4) What kind of a nation would they be among all the nations? (6b-8)
  2. Why did God tell Moses to assemble all the people at Horeb? (9, 10) How did God declare his Ten Commandments to Israel? (11-14)
  3. Why shouldn’t the Israelites make any form of idol? (15-20) What is the punishment for idol worship? (21-28) But what is the promise of restoration? (29-31)
  4. What great things did God show to the Israelites? (32-34) What is the purpose of God (35-40) Why did Moses set aside the three cities? (41-43)