This Week


Numbers 30: 1 - 32: 42

24 Nov 2017



Numbers 30-32

Key Verse: 31:2

  1. What does the Lord command about vows to God? (30:1,2,15) In what cases can vows be made void? (3-16) Think about importance of keeping vows to God. (Dt 23:21-23; Ec 5:5)
  2. What was Moses’ last mission by God? (31:1,2) How did the Israelites execute the Lord’s vengeance on Midian? (3-12) Why did they kill Balaam as well? (8,16; 24:9)
  3. Why was Moses angry with the army officers who came back with such a great victory? (13-18) Think about Lord’s vengeance. What did Moses & Eleazar command them to do outside the camp? (19-24) Why?
  4. How much plunder did they take? (32-35) How did God command them to distribute the plunder? (25-47) Think about God’s justice. Why did the commanders bring offerings to God? (48-54) How exemplary was it? (54)
  5. On the other hand, what did the Reubenites and Gadites request from Moses? (32:1-5) In what sense could their request destroy the whole community completely? (6-15) Think about importance of community spirit.
  6. What was their decision for the community? (16-19) With what condition did Moses approve their request? (20-32) How was the east side of the Jordan River distributed? (33-42)