This Week


Numbers 20: 1 - 21: 35

05 Nov 2017



Numbers 20,21

Key Verse: 21:8

  1. When and where did Miriam die? (20:1) Why did the Israelites quarrel with Moses and Aaron? (2-5) How did God respond? (6-9)
  2. Why didn’t God allow the great servants, Moses and Aaron to enter the Promised Land? (10-12) Yet, how did God show himself holy? (13)
  3. What did Moses beg the king of Edom? (14-17) Why did the king of Edom refuse? (18-21)
  4. When, where & how did God take Aaron’s life? (22-28; 33:38) How did the people express their sorrow? (28) Who succeeded the high priesthood?
  5. What did the king of Ara do to the Israelites? (21:1) How did the Israelites respond differently? (2,3) What did this victory mean to them? (14:45)
  6. Why and how did the Israelites complain to God and Moses? (4,5) How did God punish them? (6) Why did God provide a way for life? (7-9) What does this tell us about the way of our salvation? (Jn 3:14,15)
  7. Trace their journey. (10-20) How did God provide them with water? (16-18) Describe the two wars against the king of Amorites and the king of Bashan. (21-35) What did the two wars mean to the Israelites?