This Week


Numbers 11: 1 - 12: 16

30 Oct 2017



Numbers 11-12

Key Verses: 11:32,33

  1. At Taberah, why did the people complain and what was God’s warning? (11:1-3) How can we overcome complaining spirit? (Deut 5:15; 1Th 5:16-18)
  2. At Kibroth-hattaavah(12th camp), why did the Israelites weep and how did it start? (4-9, Ex 12:38) How did God & Moses react first? (10-15)
  3. What were God’s answers for Moses and for the people? (16-17, 18-20) Why couldn’t Moses accept God’s word? (21-23)
  4. How did God provide Moses with co-workers? (24,25) How did Moses reveal God’s heart to Joshua? (26-30, Joel 2:29; Acts 2:3,4,17)
  5. How did God provide the whole Israelites with meat? (31,32) But why did God kill them with a very great plague? (32-34) What does “Kibroth-hattaavah” mean?
  6. At Hazeroth(13th camp), why did Miriam and Aaron criticize their own brother Moses? (11:35-12:2) What does God say about Moses? (3,7) What was the real motive of Miriam’s criticism?
  7. How did God humble Aaron & Miriam? (4-12) How did Moses intercede for Miriam and how did God answer his intercessory prayer? (13-16)
  8. Think about God who heard (11:1,18; 12:2) and dealt with the Israelites’ complaints, craving & pride. What do you learn?