This Week


Numbers 8: 1 - 10: 36

29 Oct 2017



Numbers 8-10

Key Verse: 9:23

  1. How should the seven lamps be setup? (8:1-4) How did God command Moses to cleanse the Levites? (5-13) Why should they be cleansed? (14-19)
  2. How did Moses, Aaron & all the congregation obey God’s command? (20-22) How did God set their age limit for the services? (23-26) What do you learn from it?
  3. What was God’s command on the Passover & how did they respond? (9:1-5) Why couldn’t some celebrate it and what must they do? (6-12) Why does God emphasize on the Passover? (13,14; Ex 12:2,14; Lk 22:19)
  4. When did the Israelites set out and when did they camp? (15-22) What did God teach them? (23) What do you learn from it?
  5. What do the trumpet blasts mean? (10:1-7) Who are to blow them? (8) On which special days should they blow them too? (9,10) What does the trumpet blast mean to us?
  6. When did they leave Mt. Sinai? (11) Describe the order of the march (12-28,33) What do you learn from it? How did Moses invite Hobab? (29-32) What was Moses’ prayer whenever the Ark set out and rested? (33-36)