This Week


Numbers 1: 1 - 4: 49

27 Oct 2017



Numbers 1-4

Key Verses: 1:2,3

  1. When, where, what and why did the LORD command to Moses? (1:1-4) Whom did God choose from each tribe as the head and what was their role? (5-19) How many were numbered from each tribe and from all? (20-46) What do you learn from the census result? (Ge 1:18; 22:17) Why were the Levites exempted? (47-54)
  2. How did God arrange the camps of the tribes and the marching order? (2:1-34) What were in the middle of the camps? (2,17) What do you learn from the arrangement of the camps and the marching order?
  3. To whom was the priesthood given and what was the role of the non-priestly Levites? (3:1-10) What happens to him if an outsider does the priesthood? (10b; 2Ch 26:19) Why does God take the Levites and their animals as his own instead of the firstborns? (11-13) How many Levites were listed, where did they camp and what were their specific duties? (14-39) How did God redeem the firstborns? (40-51)
  4. How should the priests protect the Kohathites from death? (4:1-20) What articles of the tabernacle did the Kohathites, Gershonites and Merarites carry? (15-16, 21-33) How many Levites were listed between the ages of 30 and 50? (34-49) In what sense is the service blessing to the Levites?