This Week


Exodus 15: 22 - 18: 27

16 Feb 2017



Exodus 15:22-18:27

Key Verse: 16:4

  1. Look at a map and trace their movement from Baal Zephone to Rephidim. Read 15:22-26. How did God test the Israelites at Marah after crossing the Red Sea? (15:22-25a) What did God really want them to do? (25b-26)
  2. Read 15:27-16:36. Why and how did the Israelites grumble against God in the Desert of Sin? (15:27-16:3) How did God test them through the manna? (4-30; Dt 8:1-8) Why did God command a jar of the manna to be kept? (31-36)
  3. Read 17:1-16. How did the Israelites test God at Rephidim? (1-4) How did God provide them with water? (5-7, 1Cor 10:4) Describe the war against the Amalekites. (8-13) What did God teach them? (11,15) Why did God command Moses to write the war on a scroll? (14-16)
  4. Read 18:1-27. Why did Jethro with Moses’ wife and children visit Moses at Rephidim? (1-7) How did he respond after hearing the work of God? (8-12) In what sense is his faith greater than that of the Israelites? How did he help Moses practically? (13-27)