This Week


Exodus 11: 1 - 13: 16

04 Feb 2017



Exodus 11:1-13:16

Key Verses: 12:12,13

  1. Read chapter 11. Due to Pharaoh’s hardened heart, what did God plan at last? (1-10) What did God command the Israelites to ask the Egyptians for? (2,3)
  2. Read 12:1-13. What were God’s instructions for the Passover? (1-11) Why did God make the Exodus mark the first month? (2) Why does God call it “The Lord’s Passover”? (11) What was God’s promise for salvation from the destructive plague? (12,13)
  3. Read verses 14-23. How were the Israelites to commemorate the Lord’s Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread every year? (14-20) Why were they to eat unleavened bread during the Lord’s Passover? (Dt 16:3)
  4. Read verses 21-28. What did Moses command the Israelites to do at once? (21-23) Why is the blood critical? (Heb 9:22) How were they to educate their children as a lasting ordinance? (24-27a) How did the Israelites obey God’s command? (27b-28)
  5. Read verses 29-42. How did God set the Israelites free? (29-34) What did the Israelites ask the Egyptians for? (35,36) Describe the exodus. (37-42)
  6. Read 12:43-13:16. What regulations did God give regarding the Passover meal? (43-51) Why is circumcision mandatory for eating the Passover? What two ceremonies must be kept because of the Passover? (13:1-16) Why? (Nu 8:17)
  7. How did Jesus fulfill the Passover? (Jn 1:29; 1Pe 1:18,19) What does the Passover mean to you? (1Cor 6:19,20; Ro 6:1-14, 12:1,2)