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Micah 5: 1 - 7: 20

19 Sep 2021


Micah 5-7

Part I: The Ruler & His Remnant (chapter 5)

  1. Read 5:1-6. Describe the ruler to be born (1,2; Matt 2:5-6). What would he do? (3-6) What does his birth mean to you?
  2. Read 5:7-15. Describe the remnant of Jacob (7-9) How would the Lord destroy idols and idol-worshipers? (10-15) What do you learn from this?

Part II: The Indictment of the Lord (chapter 6)

  1. Read 6:1-5. What is the Lord’s indictment against Israel? (1-5) What is their problem?
  2. Read 6:6-16. What exactly does the Lord require from his people? (6-8) In what sense, didn’t they meet the Lord’s requirement? (9-12,16) How would the Lord deal with them? (13-15)

Part III: The Hope of the Lord’s Salvation (chapter 7)

  1. Read 7:1-13. How was the situation of Israel? (1-6) How could Micah be assured of the hope for the LORD amid God’s wrath (7-13)? Think about your hope in the Lord.
  2. Read 7:14-20. Why would the nations be in fear of the Lord? (14-17) In what sense, there is no one like the Lord? (18-20) How can the destroyed Israel be restored?