Last Week


Micah 1: 1 - 3: 12

05 Sep 2021


Micah 1-3 
Key Verse: 3:12

  1. Read 1:1-7. What do you know about Micah and his book? (1) How will the Lord destroy Samaria and Judah, and why? (2-7)
  2. Read 1:8-16. How does Micah respond to the Lord’s message? (8-10) To which cities and what messages does Micah deliver? (11-16)
  3. Read 2:1-7. To who will the Lord’s woe be? (1,2) What will the Lord do to them? (3-5) How do they respond to Micah’s message? (6,7) What kind of preacher do they want? (11)
  4. Read 2:8-13. What do they continue to do? (8,9) What will happen to them? (10, 1:16b) Yet, whom and how will the Lord take care of? (12,13)
  5. Read 3:1-4 & 9-12. How evil are the rulers of Israel (1-3,9-11a)? What is their wrong belief? (4a,11b) How will the Lord deal with them? (4b,12)
  6. Read 3:5-8. How evil are the prophets? (5) How will the Lord deal with them (6,7)? How is Micah different from them? (8)

* In what sense, are you like the rulers and the prophets?