Last Week

God Made Abraham A Blessing

Genesis 20: 1 - 22: 19

07 Jan 2022



Genesis 20:1-22:19

Key Verse 22:18

** ABRAHAM AND ABIMELECH (20:1-18; 21:22-34)

Skim through 20:1-18. Who was Abimelech and how did Abraham lie to him? What does this show about Abraham? What happened? How did God rebuke Abimelech?

** ISAAC AND ISHMAEL (21:1-21)

Read verses 1 through 7. What does Isaac's birth teach us about God? How did Abraham obey God in the time of God's blessing? What does verse 5 tell about this child? What was Sarah's testimony at Isaac's birth (6,7)?

Read verses 8-13. What happened on the day Isaac was weaned? What did Sarah tell Abraham to do? How did Abraham react? Yet, what was God's direction about this matter (12,13)? Why can't Isaac and Ishmael grow or live together? What promises did God give Abraham concerning Ishmael?

Read verses 14-21. What did Abraham do? How could he do that? Why was this a turning point in his life of faith? How did God bless Abraham's faith and obedience?


Skim through 22-34. Why did Abimelech come to Abraham? How did Abraham respond? What did he do after this event?


Read verses 1 and 2. When did God test Abraham (1)? What is the significance of God calling Abraham by name? What did God ask him to do? What shows that God knew very well the difficulty of what he was asking Abraham to do?

In what sense is this command unreasonable for Abraham to obey? What do you think God wanted to see through this command? How and when did Abraham respond to God's command (3)?

Read verses 4 through 8. When did they arrive in the area for sacrifice? As Abraham and Isaac climbed the mountain together, what did Isaac ask his father? How did Abraham answer?


Read verses 9-12. After arriving at the place of sacrifice, what did Abraham do? Why did he stop slaying his son? What was God confirmed of Abraham through his obedience? What does it mean to "fear God"?

Read verses 13 and 14. How did God provide the sheep for the sacrifice? How did Abraham name that place?

Read verses 15-19. What does it mean that the Lord swore by himself? (cf. Heb 6:13-17; Isa 45:23) What moved him to make this firm, unchangeable oath? What blessings did God confirm? Compare these blessings with those of the previous covenant. (cf. 18:18,19)

What do you learn from God who asked Abraham to send off Ishmael and to offer Isaac as a burnt offering? (Deu 6:5) What do you learn in chapters 12-22 about the God of Abraham?