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Man's fall and God's promise of salvation

Genesis 3: 1 - 5: 32

02 Jan 2022



Genesis 3:1-5:32

Key Verse 3:15


1. Read verses 1 through 5. How was the serpent described? What did he tempt the woman to do? How did the woman respond to the serpent's deception? What did the serpent say (4,5)?

2. Read verses 6 and 7. When she was tempted, how did the forbidden fruit look? How did the man fall? How can we overcome Satan's temptation?

3. Read verses 8-13. What are the immediate consequences of their sin (7,8)? What did God say in verse 9? What do their responses show about them?

4. Read verses 14 and 15. Describe the curses that fell on the serpent. What hope is found for the fallen men (15)?

5. Read verse 16. How many curses do you find for women? Why is the desire for husband a curse?

6. Read verses 17 through 19. Before cursing man, how did God point out man's sin (17)? Describe God’s curse on men. How many curses did man receive? What becomes man's utmost important thing? Read verse 15 once again. Who is Jesus?

7. Read verses 20 through 24. What did Adam do for his wife (20)? What did God do for Adam and his wife (21)? Why did God banish Adam and his wife from the Garden of Eden?

** SIN AND PUNISHMENT (4:1-5:32)

9. Read verses 1 through 6. Why did God treat Cain and his offering differently from Abel's? What was Cain's response?

10. Read verses 7 and 8. What was the Lord's advice for Cain? Despite God's advice, what course of action did Cain take?

11. Read verses 9-15. What was God's inquiry to Cain (9a)? What was Cain's response (9b)? What was God's punishment for Cain's sin (10-14)? Yet, what did the Lord do for Cain (15)?

12. Read verse 16. What does this show about Cain's life after sinning? Compare the lifestyle of Cain's descendants recorded in 4:18-24 with that of Seth's in 4:25-5:32.