Last Week


2 Kings 19: 1 - 37

19 Aug 2020



2 Kings 19

  1. What did King Hezekiah do upon hearing the King Sennacherib’s message? (1-4) What words of the Lord did Prophet Isaiah give Hezekiah? (5-7) What do you learn from the word of the Lord given to Hezekiah?
  2. How was the Lord doing his work against the Assyrian king? (8,9a) So what did the Assyrian king do? (8-13)
  3. What did Hezekiah do this time? (14,15a) What did he believe about God and pray for? (15b-19) What do you learn from him & his faith in the Lord?
  4. What words did the Lord give to Hezekiah again through Prophet Isaiah? (20-28) What sign did the Lord promise to him? (29-31) How did the word of the Lord come true? (7, 32-37)