Last Week


2 Kings 4: 1 - 5: 27

04 Jun 2020



2 Kings 4:1-6:7

  1. What problem did a widow bring to Elisha? (4:1) How did God save her through Elisha? (2-7)
  2. How did the Shunammite woman and Elisha serve each other? (8-17) What happened to her son and how did God save him through Elisha? (18-37)
  3. How did God save the sons of the prophets through Elisha? (38-41) How did God through Elisha well feed a hundred men? (42-44)
  4. Who is Naaman and why did he come to king Jehoram? (5:1-7) Why was he so angry at the word of God through Elisha? (8-12) How could he be saved? (13,14)
  5. What decision did he make and why? (15-19a) Why did Naaman’s leprosy get transferred to Gehazi? (19b-27)
  6. What problem arose to the sons of the prophets and how did God solve it through Elisha? (6:1-7)
  7. Think about God who is able to save everyone who comes to him with various problems. What do we need for God’s salvation?