Last Week


Numbers 17: 1 - 19: 22

04 Nov 2017



Numbers 17-19

Key Verse: 18:20

  1. After Korah’s rebellion, what did God command Moses to do? (17:1-4) Why? (5-7)
  2. What did God do to Aaron’s staff overnight? (8,9) What does this show about God and about Aaron? Why did God command Moses to keep it before the Testimony? (10,11) How did all the people respond? (12,13)
  3. What are the priests and the Levites responsible for? (18:1-7) What gifts did God give to the priests? (6,7) What does this tell us about our co-workers and priesthood?
  4. What did God give to the priests in return for their service? (8-20, 28) What to the Levites? (21-24) What does it mean that God is their portion and inheritance to the priests and the Levites who had no inheritance in the land? (Ge 15:1; Ro 8:32; Mt 6:33)
  5. What contribution should the Levites present to the Lord? (25-31) What is God’s warning? (32) Think about the importance of tithe. (Neh 10:38)
  6. What was God’s instruction for making the holy ash for cleansing? (19:1-10) For whom & how was it used? (11-22) Why is the cleansing necessary? (13,20) What does the cleansing ceremony mean to us today? (Heb 9:13,14)