Bible Study Materials


Exodus 1: 1 - 4: 31

21 Jan 2017


Exodus 1-4  
Key Verse: 3:4

  1. Read 1:1-7. Why did Jacob and his family immigrate to Egypt? (Ge15:13-16, Ge 46:1-7) How many descendants of Jacob went there? (1-5) How and why did God bless them? (6-7, Ge13:16)
  2. Read verses 8-14. Why did they become slaves? (8-11) How useless was the oppression? (12) How much more did they oppress the Israelites? (13-14) What was God’s will for them?
  3. Read verses 15-22. What did the king of Egypt command the Hebrew midwives? (15-16) Why did they disobey his command? (17-19) How did God bless them? (20-21) What was the king’s edict? (22)
  4. Read 2:1-10. What did Moses’ mother do when he was born? (1-4) What faith did she have? How did God bless her faith? (5-10) What providence of God do you see upon Moses’ life? (Ac 7:21-22)
  5. Read verses 11-22. What identity did he have when he grew up? (11, Ac 7:23) How did he help his people? (12) Why? (Heb 11:24-25) Why did he flee to Midian? (13-15) How did God lead him in the desert? (16-22) What was God’s purpose of the wilderness training for 40 years? (Ex 3:10; 4:10; Nu12:3)
  6. Read verses 23-25. How did the Israelites express their sufferings in the long period of slavery? (23) What was God’s response to them? (24-25) Who is God here?
  7. Read 3:1-5. What was Moses doing before meeting God? (1) Why did Moses' vision need rekindling? Where and how did God call Moses? (2-5) Why did God say to him to take off his sandals?
  8. Read verses 6-12. How did God introduce himself? (6) What does this mean? Why did God come down? (7-8) How did he plant hope in slave people? What was Moses' mission? (9-10) His response? (11) God's promise and instructions? (12)
  9. Read verses 13-22. How was Moses to introduce God to the people? (13-15) What does “I AM WHO I AM” mean? What message did he have to deliver? (16-18) What would be the response of the king and how would God accomplish his will? (19-22)
  10. Read 4:1-17. What was Moses’ first problem and how did God help him to overcome it? (1-9) What was his second problem and how did God solve it? (10-17) What does this teach us about God’s mission and our ability?
  11. Read verses 18-31. How did Moses obey God’s mission? (18-23) What did he take in his hand? (20b) What happened at the lodging place on the way back to Egypt? (24-26) What did this event teach Moses? How did the Israelites respond to Moses’ message? (27-31)