Bible Study Materials


Isaiah 36: 1 - 37: 38

28 Dec 2021



Isaiah 36-37

Key verse 37:20

  1. Read 36:1-10. When and how did Assyria invade Judah? (1-3) What was the message of the king of Assyria to King Hezekiah? (4-10) What was his tactic?
  2. Read 36:11-22. Why did the Rabshakeh call out in a louder voice in the language of Judah? (11-13) How did he plant doubt in the hearts of the people of Judah? (14-20) How did he mock the Living God? Yet, to whom did the people listen? (21-22)
  3. Read 37:1-13. What did King Hezekiah do upon hearing the Assyrian king’s message? (1-4) What words of the Lord did Prophet Isaiah give to King Hezekiah? (5-7) Yet, what did the Assyrian king do? (8-13) How did he mock the Living God again?
  4. Read 37:14-38. Describe Hezekiah’s faith in the Lord and his prayer topic. (14-19) What do you learn from King Hezekiah? What was Lord’s answer? (21-34) Why and how did the Lord defend the city of Jerusalem? (35-38) What do you learn about the Lord?