Bible Study Materials


Isaiah 28: 1 - 29: 24

21 Dec 2021


Isaiah 28-29 
Key verse 28:16

  1. How does God judge drunken and proud Ephraim (Samaria) (1-4)? Who is God to the remnant (5-6)?
  2. How do the priest and the prophet corrupt (7,8)? How do they mock Isaiah (9,10)? How does God judge them (11-13)?
  3. What was the conviction of the Jewish leaders (14,15)? With what stone did God lay the foundation of Zion (16)? What is the outcome of those who believe in this stone and those who do not believe? (16b-17)
  4. What happens to the covenant they made (18-22)? How amazing are the farmer's management and wisdom (23-28)? Whom did it come from (26, 29)?
  5. How does God strike Ariel (Jerusalem) (29:1-4)? What is the end of the enemies who attacked Jerusalem (5-8)? Why did the leaders of Judah become spiritually blind (9-16)?
  6. What will happen soon (17)? To whom will God's grace be given on that day (18-21)? How does God bless his people (22-24)?