Bible Study Materials


Isaiah 7: 1 - 8: 22

05 Dec 2021



Isaiah 7-8


  1. Read 7:1-9. What problem arouse to King Ahaz? (1,5,6; 2Ki 16:5-6) How did he respond to the crisis? (2; 2Ki 16:7) What was the Lord’s message to him? (3-9)
  2. Read 7:10-16. How did the Lord try to help him, but why did he refuse it? (10-12) Yet, what sign would the Lord give to him and why? (13-16) What does this sign mean to you? (Mt 1:23)
  3. Read 7:17-25. How would the Lord punish the sin of Ahaz? (17-25) Think about seriousness of unbelief.
  4. Read 8:1-10. What was the Lord’s message in the name of Isaiah’s son? (1-4) Why and how would the Lord destroy Israel? (5-7) Yet, why would Judah be preserved? (8-10)
  5. Read 8:11-22. What message did the Lord give to Isaiah and what was his decision? (11-13,16-18) What would the Lord become to the house of Israel and to the house of Judah? (14-15, 19-22)