Bible Study Materials


Isaiah 44: 1 - 45: 25

08 May 2022



Isaiah 44-45

  1. Read 44:1-20. Why shouldn’t Israel fear? (1-8) What does the LORD say about idols and idol-worship? (9-20)
  2. Read 44:21-28. What does the LORD ask Israel to do? (21-23) What does the LORD say about himself? (44:24-28) What plans are revealed in his words?
  3. Read 45:1-10. What does the LORD say to Cyrus, his messiah? (1-10) Think about how he would respond to this message when he read it?
  4. Read 45:11-14. What is the LORD’s plan through Cyrus? (11-13) What will be the LORD’s reward for him? (14)
  5. Read 45:15-25. What is Isaiah’s conviction? (15-17) What is the basis of the conviction? (18,19) What is the LORD’s message to all the nations? (20-25)
  6. Think about the LORD who could use Cyrus, the Gentile king and find out the repeated sentence, “I am the LORD, and there is no other”. What do you learn about the LORD’s sovereignty?