Bible Study Materials

God Used Joseph

Genesis 42: 1 - 50: 26

12 Jan 2022



GENESIS 42:1-50:26


** JOSEPH'S LOVE (42:1-45:2)

Read 42:1-9. Why did Jacob send 10 of his sons to Egypt (1-5)? Why did he not send Benjamin? When his 10 brothers bowed down to him, what did Joseph remember (9)? What does this show about him?

Read 42:7-23. How did he begin to serve God's will? Describe the way he drove them to the corner (7-20). How did they respond to this (21-23)?

When Joseph heard them, what did he do (24,25)? What does this show about him?

Read 43:1-14. Why did Jacob have to send his sons with Benjamin to Egypt again? Who persuaded him to send Benjamin?

Read 43:15-34. When they arrived in Egypt with Benjamin, how did Joseph receive them? Why were they so frightened (15-22)? How did the steward reassure them? Describe their meeting with Joseph (26-30). Describe the banquet in Joseph's house.

Read 44:1-17. What serious problem did Joseph create for his brothers as they were leaving Egypt (44:1-13)? How did the brothers respond to the crisis? What was Joseph's response (17)?

Read verses 18 through 34. What was the reason Judah pleaded for Benjamin so earnestly (27-31; 34)? Instead, what other solution did he suggest? What was Joseph's response to Judah's plea (45:1,2)? Think about Joseph's love, which led his brothers to repentance and God who used him to raise up 12 sons of Jacob to be 12 tribes of Israel.

** JOSEPH'S FAITH (45:3-28)

Read verses 5 through 8. How did Joseph see the tragedy of his life of being sold as a slave? How do you characterize his faith?

Skim through 46:1-47:12. How many members of Jacob's family went to Egypt (27)? How did Joseph help his family practically?


How long had the famine ravaged the land when Joseph's family came to live in Egypt (45:11)? How did he serve starving people during the famine? How did the people respond to his treatment?

** JOSEPH'S HOPE (49:29-50:26)

How many years did Jacob live in Egypt (47:28)? What was his last will (49:29-32)? How many years had Joseph been as prime minister in Egypt (50:22)? What was his last will (50:24-26)?