Bible Study Materials

The Lord Destroys Sodom And Gomorrah

Genesis 18: 1 - 19: 38

06 Jan 2022



Genesis 18:1-19:38

Key Verses 18:18,19

** GOOD NEWS FOR SARAH (18:1-15)

1. Read verses 1-8. How did Abraham show hospitality to the guests? What does this event show about Abraham and his family?

Read verses 9-15. What good news did they bring to Abraham and Sarah? What was Sarah's response to the good news? How did the Lord rebuke Sarah?

** ABRAHAM PLEADS FOR (18:16-33)

Read verse 17 and describe how God regards Abraham. What was the Lord's plan for Abraham (18)? How will these purposes of God be fulfilled (19)? What did the Lord tell Abraham about Sodom (20,21)?

4. Read verses 23 through 33. What was Abraham's prayer topic? Why was he so concerned about ? What was his attitude about himself before God?


5. Read verses 1-3. How did show hospitality to the 2 angels?

6. Read verses 4-11. How did the people of treat and his guests? What can you learn here about Lot's relationship with the people of the city?

7. Read verses 12-22. What did God's servants decide to do about ? How did Lot respond to the angles' warning and urgent push to leave? Why did he finally go? Where did he want to go? Why?

8. Read verses 23-29. What happened to 's wife? To Sodom and Gomorrah?

9. Read verses 30-38. What was the problem of 's daughters? What was the tragic fruit of this family? What can you learn from contrasting of the faith and lives of Abraham and ?