Bible Study Materials

You Will Be A Blessing

Genesis 11: 10 - 15: 20

04 Jan 2022



Genesis 11:10-15:20

Key Verses 12:1,2

** GOD CALLED ABRAM (11:10-12:9)

1. What kind of person was Abram? (cf. Gen 11:27-32; 12:4; Acts 7:24; Josh 24:2,3)

2. Read 12:1-3. What is the significance of this calling? How many commands did God issue to Abram? Why should Abram leave? Where should Abram go?

3. Read verses 2 and 3 once again. How many times is the word "bless or blessed or blessing" repeated? What does this show us about the nature of God's calling? How many promises did God give Abram? Describe each of promises. What do you learn about God who called one person Abram?

4. Read verses 4-9. What was Abram's response (4,5)? How did the Lord help Abram in the land of Canaan (6,7a)? How did Abram respond (7b,8,9)?

** FAMINE TRAINING (12:10-20)

5. Read verses 10 through 13. What difficulty did Abram face in the promised land? How did he deal with this problem? What does it mean that he went down to Egypt? How did he try to secure his life in Egypt?

6. Read verses 14 through 20. What happened to Abram in Egypt? How did God help him? What can we learn here about God?

7. Read 13:1-4 and describe his material possession. What did Abram learn through his journey to Egypt? How did Abram show his repentance?


8. Read 13:5-9. What problem arose between Abram and Lot? Why? What made the problem worse? How did Abram deal with this problem? What do you learn from Abram's value system? Where did Abram stay (12a)?

9. Read verses 10 thro9ugh 13. What did Lot choose? Why? What does his move toward Sodom show about him? What do you learn from this passage?

10. Read verses 14-18. How do you think Abram felt after Lot left him (14-16)? What did God ask him to do (17)? What did he do? Think about God's way of helping sheep.

** WAR TRAINING (14:1-24)

11. Skim through 14:1-12 and describe the power structure of those days. Who won the war (10,11)? In the meantime, what happened to Lot (12)?

12. Read verses 13 through 16. When Abram heard about Lot, what did he do? What was his tactic? With what result?

13. Read verses 17 through 24. Who came to meet him (17,18)? How do you characterize these two people? What did Melchizedek teach Abram about God? How did Abram respond to his word? What did the king of Sodom say to Abram? But how did Abram respond to him? What did he learn about God from this war training?


14. Read verse 1. Why did God talk about shield and reward? What does it mean that God is our shield? Our very great reward? How did Abram respond (2,3)? Yet, how did the Lord help Abram (4,5)? What was Abram's response to the Lord's promise (6a)? How did God honor his faith (6b)?

15. Skim through verses 7-21. Thereafter what did God promise to Abram? How did he confirm this covenant?