Bible Study Materials

Isaiah 51: 1 - 52: 12

29 May 2022



Isaiah 51-52

  1. Read 51:1-3. What does Israel pursue now? (1a) What is the LORD’s advice to them? (1b-3) What is his intention?
  2. Read 51:4-11. What does the LORD tell them about his law, justice, righteousness, and salvation? (4-6,8b) What is the problem of Israel? (7,8,12) What does Isaiah pray for? (9-11)
  3. Read 51:12-23. How does the LORD comfort his people? (12-16) How is the condition of Israel? (17-20) What did the LORD do for them? (21-23)
  4. Read 52:1-12. Describe the joyful returning of the exiles to Jerusalem (1-12). What does the LORD command them to do? (1,2,11) What does this tell us about the LORD?