Bible Study Materials


Matthew 25: 1 - 46

04 Jun 2021



Matthew 25

  1. Read verses 1-13. Describe the parable. Whom do the bridegroom, the five wise virgins, and the five foolish virgins refer to? In what sense were the five virgins wise, and the other five ones foolish? What is Jesus’ message through this parable? (13; 24:36,44,50)
  2. Read verses 14-30. Describe the whole parable. Why did Jesus give this parable? (13) Who do the man and the servants refer to? How did the man entrust his property? (14,15)
  3. Why and how were the two of them blessed, and the other cursed? (16-30) What does it mean to watch in the context of this parable? (19-23; 24:45,46) What is Jesus’ warning to us?
  4. Read verses 31-46. What will Jesus do when he comes back? (31-33) Who will be blessed and why? (34-40) Who will be cursed and why? (41-46) What is Jesus’ message to his disciples and to us?