Bible Study Materials

Luke 24: 1 - 53

17 Apr 2022



Luke 24

  1. Read verses 1-12. When and what did the women find out? (1-3) What message did the angels deliver to them? (4-7) How did the women and the disciples respond to Jesus’ resurrection news? (8-12)
  2. Read verses 13-35. When, where, and why were the two disciples going? (13,14) How did Jesus plant resurrection faith in them? (15-30) How did they respond? (31-35)
  3. Read verses 36-45. How did Jesus plant resurrection faith in his disciples? (36-45) How can we plant resurrection faith in doubting people? What is your response to Jesus’ resurrection news?
  4. Read verses 46-53. What commission did Jesus give to his disciples? (46-48) How could it possible for them to carry out the commission? (49) What did Jesus and the disciples do next? (50-53) What does Jesus’ resurrection mean to you?