Bible Study Materials


Matthew 15: 1 - 39

26 Feb 2021



Matthew 15

  1. Read verses 1-20 What were the serious spiritual problems of the religious leaders (1-9,13-14)? What was Jesus’ teaching (3-9,10-20)? What do you learn from his teachings?
  2. Read verses 21-28. Trace the conversation between the Canaanite woman and Jesus (21-27). How did she reveal her faith in Jesus? How did Jesus bless her faith (28)? What do you learn from this event?
  3. Read verses 29-31. Describe the great works through Jesus (29-31). What do the mighty works tell us about Jesus (Lk 4:18,19; Jn 5:36; Jn 14:10,11)?
  4. Read verses 32-39. Describe Jesus’ compassion on the crowd (32)? How did Jesus feed the four thousand (33-39)? What does this sign tell us about Jesus (Jn 6:32-35)?