Bible Study Materials


Matthew 12: 1 - 50

02 Feb 2021



Matthew 12

  1. Read verses 1-13. Why did the Pharisees accuse the disciples and how did Jesus defend his disciples (1-8)? What did Jesus teach them about himself (6,8)? How did they and Jesus challenge each other (9-13)?
  2. Read verses 14-21. How did the Pharisees and Jesus react (14-16)? What does the reaction of Jesus mean (17-21)?
  3. Read verses 22-37. How did the Pharisees blaspheme the work of the Holy Spirit (22-24)? How did Jesus defend the work of the Holy Spirit (25-32) What warning did Jesus give them (31-37)?
  4. Read verses 38-45. How did Jesus rebuke the sign-seeking generation (38-40)? Why would the people of Nineveh and the queen of the South condemn the generation on the judgment day (41,42)? How would the evil generation end up? (43-45)
  5. Read verses 46-50. Why did Jesus’ mother and brothers visit him? (46; Mk3:21) Who are Jesus’ family members (48-50)?