Bible Study Materials


2 Kings 12: 1 - 14: 1

28 Jun 2020



2 Kings 12-14

  1. What were Joash’s weaknesses? (12:1-3; 2Ch 24:17-22) What did he do one thing good? (12:4-16)
  2. How did God discipline Joash through Hazael? (12:17,18; 2Ch 24:23,24) How did Joash die? (12:19-21) What do you learn from the life of Joash?
  3. Why and how did God discipline King Jehoahaz? (13:1-3) How did God show his mercy on him, but what was his response? (13:4-9) How about King Jehoash, his son? (13:10-13)
  4. Why was Elisha angry at King Jehoash? (13:14-19; 24,25) What do you learn from this event? What miraculous thing happen? (20,21) Why was the LORD gracious to the Israelites? (22,23)
  5. How did the author evaluate Amaziah, king of Judah? (14:1-4) How did he revenge on the murderers of his father? (5,6; Dt 24:16) What was his victory and failure? (14:7-14; 2 Ch. 25:14-24) How did King Amaziah die? (14:17-22)
  6. How does the LORD evaluate Jeroboam II, king of Israel? (23-24) How did he obey Prophet Jonah? (25,28,29) Why did God continue to save Israel through Jeroboam II? (26-27) What do you learn from God?