Bible Study Materials


Jeremiah 17: 1 - 18: 23

16 Apr 2023



Jeremiah 17-18

  1. Read 17:1-4. How deeply is the sin of Judah rooted? (1-3a) What is the Lord’s solution? (3b,4) Think about what we should engrave on our heart.
  2. Read 17:5-18. Compare the man who trusts in a man and the man who trusts in the LORD. (5-8) Why should we trust in the LORD? (9-11) How does Jeremiah trust in the LORD? (12-18) What do you trust in most?
  3. Read 17:19-27. How did his people defile the LORD’s Sabbath day? (19-23) Why is to keep the Sabbath day holy difficult? What is the LORD’s promise and warning to them? (24-27)
  4. Read 18:1-17. What does the LORD show Jeremiah? (1-4) What is the LORD’s message? (5-11) How do you acknowledge the LORD’s sovereignty on your life? How do they respond to the LORD’s message? (12) How does the LORD respond to them? (13-17)
  5. Read 18:18-23. And how do they respond to Jeremiah? (18) Think about Jeremiah’s prayer to the LORD? (19-23) What do you think about his prayer?