Bible Study Materials


1 Corinthians 15: 1 - 58

09 Apr 2023


  1. What did Paul want to remind the saints in Corinth and why (1-4)? Who were the witnesses of the resurrection (5-8)? How did Jesus' resurrection affect Paul's life (9-11)?
  2. What will happen if there is no resurrection of the dead (12-19)? What glorious hope does Christ's resurrection give us (20-28)?
  3. How did Paul live with the resurrection faith (29-31; Lk 9:23)? What is the philosophy and lifestyle of those without resurrection faith (32-34)?
  4. What metaphor and principle did Paul use about the resurrection body (35-38; Jn 12:24)? What kind of body will we have (39-44)? How were Adam and Christ different (45-49)?
  5. What glorious future event does Paul mention (50-56)? How can we live a victorious life (57)? What should we strive to do, and why (58)?