Bible Study Materials


1 Kings 3: 1 - 4: 34

12 Sep 2019



1 Kings 3,4

  1. Describe Solomon's weaknesses & strengths. (3:1-5; 11:1-10) What did God offer to do for Solomon? (4,5) What did he asked of God? (9) Why? (6-8) What would you ask of God in this case & why?
  2. Why was God so pleased with Solomon's request? (10,11) What did God promise to give Solomon? (12-14) How did Solomon respond? (15)
  3. What case was brought to Solomon’s royal court? (16-22) In what sense was it difficult? How did he administer justice with God’s wisdom? (23-27) Why did all the people stand in awe of the king? (28)
  4. Who were Solomon's chief officials? (4:1-6) Why did he establish twelve district governors? (7-19) What shows his wealth, honor & wisdom? (20-34) Think about people’s life under the wise king? (20,27b) How is he compared to Jesus?