Bible Study Materials


2 Samuel 6: 1 - 7: 29

08 Feb 2019



2 Samuel 6,7

  1. Why & how did David try to bring the Ark of God to the City of David? (6:1-5) Why couldn’t he bring it & what was his response? (6-10; Nu 4:15; 1Ch 15:2,13) How did he bring it later? (11-15) What do you learn from this event?
  2. What did the coming of the Ark of God mean to David? (16,17) How did he bless God’s people? (18,19) But why & how was Michal cursed? (16b,20-23)
  3. What did David want to do next for God & why? (7:1-3) Why did God refuse it? (4-7; 1Ch 22:8) Yet, what did God promise to David? (8-17) How did God fulfill his promise to David? (Lk 1:32,33)
  4. How did David respond to God’s promise of blessings? (18-21) What did he praise of God? (22-24) Then what did he ask God? (25-29) How did God bless you & what is your response to Him?