Bible Study Materials


Judges 13: 1 - 16: 31

15 Jun 2018



Judges 13-16

Chapter 13: Samson’s Parents

  1. After Abdon’s death, how did God punish Israel? (13:1) Which couple did God choose for the next judge? (2-25) Think about importance of spiritual parenting to raise up God’s servants? (4,5,12-14)
  2. What must Samson not do in his life time? (5a, Nu6:1-8; 14:8,9; 15:16,17; 16:19) What was his mission (5b) How did God raise him differently from other judges? What might God’s will be on him?

Chapter 14: Samson’s 1st Vengeance on Philistines

  1. How did Samson want to marry a Philistine woman & why? (14:1-11) How did the power of God begin to be displayed in him? (5,6)
  2. What riddle with awards did he give to the Philistines? (12-14) How could they figure it out? (15-18) How did he bring vengeance on the Philistines? (19,20)

Chapter 15: Samson’s 2nd Vengeance on Philistines

  1. What made Samson angry? (1,2) How did the tension grow between Samson & the Philistines? (3-13)
  2. How did Samson bring vengeance on the Philistines? (14-17) How did God answer his prayer miraculously? (18-19) How long did he judge Israel? (20; 16:31)

Chapter 16: Samson’s 3rd Vengeance on Philistines

  1. How was God’s power displayed in him again? (16:1-3) After this, whom did he love? (4) How could the Philistines overpower him? (5-22)
  2. How did he bring the last vengeance on the Philistines? (23-31) Think about God’s mission given to Samson. (13:5) How did he fulfill it?