Bible Study Materials


Numbers 15: 1 - 16: 50

02 Nov 2017



Numbers 15-16

Key Verse 16:38

  1. What are the laws about the sacrifices which the Israelites would offer in the Promised Land? (15:1-13) What about the foreigners dwelling in the land? (14-16) What is the law about the contribution? (17-21) Why does God talk about such laws? (2,18)
  2. What is the way of atonement for unintentional sins? (22-29) What about intentional sins? (30,31) Why did God kill the Sabbath-breaker? (32-36)
  3. Why did God command them to make tassels on the corners of their garments? (37-40) Why did God bring the Israelites out of Egypt? (41)
  4. Who rebelled against Moses & Aaron? (16:1,2) How? (3) In what sense did they rebel against God? (11) What was their inner motive? (8-10) What was the spiritual solution? (4-7)
  5. How did Dathan & Abiram respond to Moses’ summon? (12-14) How did Moses respond? (15) How did God approve Moses as his servant? (16-35) How did God have mercy on Korah’s sons? (26:11; 1Ch 9:17,15:19; 2Ch 20:19; Ps 42-49,84,85,87,88)
  6. What did God command Eleazar to do and why? (36-40)
  7. How did the whole congregation respond to God’s judgment? (41,42a) How did God punish the congregation? (42b-45) How did Aaron make an atonement for them? (47,48)