Bible Study Materials


Exodus 28: 1 - 31: 18

17 Mar 2017



Exodus 28-31

Key Verse: 28:41

  1. Read 28:1-5. What was God’s purpose of choosing Aaron and his sons? (1-5) How did God give them dignity and honor?
  2. Read verses 6-30. Describe the glorious priestly garments: the Ephod and the Breastpiece of Decision. Why did God make the names of the 12 tribes engraved on the gemstones and put them on Aaron’s shoulders and breast? What was the purpose of Urim and Thummim?
  3. Read verses 31-43. Describe other priestly garments. Why must the priests wear them when they minister? What is required to priests to serve God? (41)
  4. Read 29:1-28. Describe the consecration and anointing ceremony: Preparation(1-6), Anointing (7-8), Sin Offering (10-14), Burnt Offering (15-18), Consecration (19-21), Wave Offering & Fellowship Offering (22-28, 31-34). Why were all these things necessary? What do they mean to us?
  5. Read verses 29-46. What regulations are given regarding Aaron’s sacred garments (29,30), eating the fellowship offering (31-34), days of ordination (35-37) and the priests’ daily offerings (38-42a)? What is the ultimate purpose of consecrating priests and the Sanctuary? (42b-46)
  6. Read 30:1-21. Describe the Altar of Incense. (1-6) What is Aaron’s priestly duty with it? (7-10) What is God’s command regarding Atonement Money? (11-16) What is the spiritual meaning of it? Describe the Bronze Basin (17,18) What is the spiritual meaning of it? (19-21)
  7. Read verses 22-38. Describe the Anointing Oil recipe (22-25), anointing objects (26-30), and regulations (31-33). Describe the Incense recipe, usage and regulations. (34-38)
  8. Read 31:1-18. Whom did God choose and how did He enable them to do all the tasks? (1-11) What do you learn from this? What did God repeatedly say about the Sabbath? (12-17) Why? What did God finally give to Moses? (18)