Obadiah 1


1.  Read verses 1,2. Which nation is the Obadiah’s vision about? (1a) What would the Lord do to the nation? (1b,2)


2.  Read verses 3-9. Why was Edom so proud of herself? (3) How much would the Lord humble her? (4-6) How would the Lord fulfill it? (7-9) Think about how much the Lord hates pride. (Pr 8:13, 16:18)


3.  Read verses 10-14. Why would the Lord punish Edom this much? (10,11) What shouldn’t she have done? (12-14) In what sense, do you commit similar sins?


4.  Read verses 15-21. What does the “Day of the Lord” refer to? (15a) How would the Lord repay Edom and all the nations on the day? (15,16) Yet, how would the Lord restore the house of Jacob? (17-21) Who is the Lord and what hope can we have in the Lord?