Matthew 28


1.             Read verses 1-4. What did God do at the dawn of the first day of the week? (1-4) What does this mean? (16:21)





2.             Read verses 5-10. What good news did the women hear? (5-8) What was Jesus’ message to the disciples? (9)





3.             Read verses 11-15. What did the religious leaders do to stop the good news of the resurrection? (11-15; 27:62-66) What does this tell about them?





4.             Read verses16-18. How did the eleven disciples respond to Risen Jesus? (16-17) What did Risen Jesus testify to himself? (18) What does this mean to the disciples? (Mt 10:1, Lk 10:18-19)







5.             Read verse19-20. What great commission did Jesus give his disciples? (19a; cf. Ge 1:27,28) How should we make disciples of Jesus? (19b,20a; Ro 6:4, Acts 2:38, Acts 19:4-6; Lk 24:47; Acts 1:8) What promise did Jesus give his disciples? (20b)









6.             What does Jesus’ resurrection mean to you? (1Cor 15) How do you and will you obey the great commission of the world mission?