Matthew 14




1.    Read verses 1-12. How was John the Baptist martyred? What do you learn from him?






2.    Read verses 13-16. How did Jesus respond to the news about John the Baptist (13)? How did Jesus show his compassion on the crowd (14-16)?






3.    Read verses 17-21. How did Jesus feed them (17-21)? What does this tell us about Jesus?






4.    Read verses 22-27. What did Jesus do after feeding the crowd (22,23)? How did the disciples respond to walking Jesus on the water (24-26)? What did Jesus speak to them (27)?






5.    Read verses 28-33. How could Peter walk on the water (28,29)? But why did he begin to sink (30,31)? Who did they see in Jesus (32,33)?






6.    Read verses 34-36. How did the people of Gennesaret respond to Jesus (34-36)? Why? (Mk 5:20)