Matthew 8:1-34

Key Verse: 17


1.     Read verses 1-4. What do you know about leprosy (Lev 13:45,46)? How did Jesus heal the leper (1-4)? What do you learn from the leper (Lk 4:27) and Jesus (Mt 5:40-42)?


2.     Read verses 5-13. Describe the faith of the Roman centurion (5-9). How did Jesus bless his faith (10-13)? What do you learn about faith that pleases Jesus?


3.     Read verses 14-17. Describe Jesus’ healing ministry (14-16). What is Matthew’s comment about Jesus’ healing (17; Isa 53:4)?


4.     Read verses 18-22. Describe the two disciple candidates (18,19,21) What did Jesus tell them about the cost of following Jesus (20,22)? Examine yourself whether you are paying the cost of following Jesus daily?


5.     Read verses 23-27. Describe the two different reactions from the disciples and Jesus before the great storm (23-26). What does this event tell us about Jesus (27)?


6.     Read verses 28-34. Describe the two demon-possessed men (28; Mk 5:3-5). How did Jesus heal him (29-34)? What does this event tell us about Jesus?