Isaiah 13-14


1.  Read 13:1-22. How would the Lord destroy Babylon (13:1-5, 17)? Describe the day of the Lord to Babylon (6-16). And the result (17-22a). When would this prophecy come true? (22b)


2.  Read 14:1-23. What would the Lord do to the Israelites (14:1,2)? Think about the Israelites’ taunting the king of Babylon about his pride (12-14) and about its consequence (4b-11,15-23). What do you learn about pride and its consequence?


3.  Read 14: 24-32. What is the Lord’s plan for Assyria (24-27)? When did Isaiah receive this vision (28)? Why did Philistia rejoice and why shouldn’t (28-32)? What do you learn from the counsel of the Lord to Philistia?