Isaiah 01


1.    Read verse 1. Who is Isaiah and what is the book about?



2.    Read verses 2-9. In what sense are the Israelites worse than the ox and the donkey? (2-4) How is the consequence of rebelling against the Lord? (5-9; Lev 26:14-33; Dt 28:15-68)



3.    Read verses 10-20. Why does the Lord refuse the worship of the Israelites? (10-15) What is the Lord’s advice to them? (16-20) What does “Let us reason together” mean?



4.   Read verses 21-31. How much is the Lord disappointed with Jerusalem? (21-23) How will the Lord punish the leaders? (28-31) What is the purpose of the Lord’s punishment on them? (24-27)



* What does the Lord want you to do and what is your decision?