2 Kings 15-16


1.    Read 15:1-7. How was Azariah(Uzziah) in the eyes of the Lord? (15:1-3) Yet why and how did the Lord strike him? (4-7; 2Ch 26:16-21) What do you learn about the Lord?


2.    Read verses 8-31. How were the five kings of Israel in the eyes of the Lord: Zechariah (8-12), Shallum (13-16), Menahem (17-22), Pekahiah (23-26), and Pekah (27-31)? What tragic event occurred in the days of Pekah? (29) What does this event mean? (Lev 26:32,33; Hosea 10:6; Amos 5:6)


3.    Read verses 32-38. How was Jotham in the eyes of the Lord? (32-36) What did the Lord do against Judah in his days and why (37)?


4.    Read 16:1-6. How was Ahaz in the eyes of the Lord? (16:1-4; 2Ch 28:1-4) What did the Lord do in his days and why? (5,6; 2Ch 28:5-19; Isa 7:1-17)


5.    Read verses 7-20. Yet how did he deal with the crisis? (7-9; 2Ch 28:20-21) How much more evil did he become? (10-20; 2Ch 28:22-25) What do you learn from his life?