Numbers 33-36

Key Verses: 33:51-53


1.    When & how could the Israelites come out of the Egypt? (33:1-4) Trace their journey in a map. (5-49) Why do you think God commanded Moses to write them down? (2)


2.    What did God command the Israelites to do in the Promised Land? (50-54; Ex 23:32) If not, what is the consequence? (55,56) What does it mean to you?


3.    Describe the boundary of the Promised Land? (34:1-15; Ex 23:31) What do you see from it? Who did God choose for the land distribution? (16-29)


4.    What did God command the Israelites to do for the Levites? (35:1-8) What did God prepare for those who kill people by accident? (9-15, 22-24) When can they be free? (25-29) What do you learn about God?


5.    What is God’s righteous judgment for murders? (16-21, 30-34)


6.    What issue did the people of Gilead bring? (36:1-4) What was God’s answer? (5-9) How did the daughters of Zelophehad God’s command? (10-13)