Mark 7:1-37


1.    Why did the Pharisees criticize the disciples of Jesus? (1,2,5) Which traditions of the elders did the Pharisees observe? (3,4)


2.    Why did Jesus call the Pharisees hypocrites? (6,7) Which tradition did Jesus point out? (8-13) Which teaching or tradition makes us void the commandment of God?


3.    What did Jesus teach the people? (14-16) What defiles a man? (17-23) What does the Scripture tell us about men’s heart? (Jer 17:9; Ge 6:5; Pr 4:23) What is in your heart and how can make it clean? (Ps51:10)


4.    What did a Syrophoenician woman beg Jesus? (24-26; Mt 15:22) How did Jesus reply and what did he mean? (27; Mt 15:23,24) What was her answer & Jesus’ blessing? (28-30; Mt 15:28) What does this passage teach us?


5.    Where did Jesus go next and how was the people’s response different and why? (31,32; Mk 5:17-20) How did Jesus heal the deaf and mute man? (33-35) What was their response? (36,37) What do you learn from this passage?