Leviticus 11-15

Key Verse: 11:44


1.     Read chapter 11. Among all animals, which ones are allowed us to eat? (1-42) What must be done when a carcass is touched? (24-40) What do “clean”, “unclean”, “detestable” mean in this chapter? Why did God give such regulations to his people? (43-47; 15:31; Ex 19:5,6)? What does the food dietary law mean to us today?


2.     Read chapter 12. How long is a woman unclean after giving birth to a child? (1-5) What are the cleansing regulations for her? (6-8) What do “clean” and “unclean” mean in this chapter?


3.     Read chapter 13. How does a priest diagnose leprosy on human (1-44) and in clothes? (47-59)? How should a leper live? (45-46)? Why does God seriously care about the leprosy?


4.     Read chapter 14. What must a leper do after being healed? (1-32) How about a house? (33-57) What do “clean” and “unclean” mean in chapters 13 &14? How does the ritual cleansing show Jesus’ sacrifice?


5.     Read chapter 15. What are the regulations for men’s bodily discharges? (1-18) Women’s bodily discharges? (19-33) What do “clean” and “unclean” mean in this chapter? Why must they sacrifice a sin offering and a burnt offering after being healed? (13-15; 28-30)