2 Samuel 19-21


1.  Why did Joab rebuke David? (19:1-8a) How did all the tribes of Israel argue about bringing the king back? (8b-10) How could Judah welcome David as one man? (11-15)


2.  How did David treat Shimei (16-23), Ziba & Mephibosheth (24-30) and Barzillai? (31-39) What do you learn from David? Why did Israel argue with Judah? (40-43)


3.  How did Sheba rebel against David? (20:1,2) What did David do after coming back to Jerusalem? (3-6) How & why did Joab kill Amasa? (7-10a) How could Joab subdue the rebellion? (10b-22)


4.  Who were David’s officials? (23-26; cf. 2Sa 8:15018) Think about God who fully restored David’s kingdom again. (2Sa 7:14-16)


5.  Why was there a 3 year famine in Israel? (21:1,2; cf. Jos 9:15) How was this problem solved? (3-14) What do you learn about God? How did David’s soldiers struck down the four giants? (15-22)