1 Samuel 13-15


1.   When did this event occur? (13:1) What did Saul & Jonathan do? (13:2-4) Compare the troops of the Philistines with the troops of the Israelites? (13:5,15b-23) What was the responses of the Israelites. (13:6,7)


2.   What did Saul do after waiting for Samuel for 7 days and why? (13:8-12) Why was this a serious problem & how did God deal with this matter? (13:13-15a) What kind of person is God seeking? (cf. Ac 13:22; 1Sa 2:35; 15:11,35; 16:1)


3.   What did Jonathan and his armor-bearer decide to do? (14:1-10) How did God bless their faith and coworking? (14:11-23) What do you learn from their faith in God and co-working?


4.   What was Saul’s rash vow? (14:24) What issues did it cause? (14:25-46) Describe Saul’s enemies & life during his reign. (14:47-52) What did it mean to him?


5.   What mission did God give to Saul? (15:1-3) Why does God want to destroy the Amalekites completely? (Ex 17:14-16; Nu 14:45; Dt 25:19) How did he carry out God’s mission? (15:4-9)


6.   What was God’s and Samuel’s response? (15:10,11) How did Saul justify himself? (15:12-21) What was Saul’s misunderstanding of God’s desire? (15:22,23) What was God’s firm decision? (15:24-35)