1 Samuel 12


1.    Why would Samuel want the people of Israel to testify against him? (1-3)


2.    What do verses 4,5 tell us about Samuel as a judge? (4,5)


3.    What are some righteous deeds that the Lord as their King has done for Israel?  (6-11) Yet, how did they respond to the Lord’s righteous rule? (12)


4.    What is Samuel’s instruction and warning both to Israel and the king? (13-15)


5.    What was the purpose for Samuel’s asking for the thunder and rain? (16-18a)


6.    What was the result? (18b,19)


7.    What was Samuel's comfort and repeated instructions to Israel? (20-25) What do you learn from Samuel about shepherding? (23)


8.    What are great things the Lord has done for you & how do you serve Him?