1 Samuel 1~3


* Hannah’s Prayer of Vow (1:1-2:11)


1.     Describe Elkana’s family. (1,2; 1Ch 6:33-38) What fatalistic problem did Hannah have? (3-8) How did she deal with the problem? (9-11) How did God bless her? (12-20)


2.     How did Hannah keep her vow to God? (21-28) How was Hannah’s heart after entrusting her son to God? (2:1) What did she praise God for? (2-10) What did boy Samuel do? (11; 128b)


* Eli’s Worthless Sons (2:12-36)


3.     How were the sons of Eli? (12-17,22) How did Eli rebuke them? (22-25a) How did they respond and why? (25b) How did God bless Hannah & boy Samuel? (18-21,26)


4.     What were the sins of Eli’s family? (27-29) How did God punish his family? (30-36) What was God’s plan? (35)


* The Lord Calls Samuel (3:1-21)


5.     How was the spiritual condition of Eli’s time? (3:1,2) Yet, what was hope? (3) How did God call Samuel? (4-10)


6.     What was God’s first message to Samuel? (11-14) How did he deal with the message? (15-18) How did God raise Samuel as a faithful priest? (19-21; 4:1a)